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    With Halloween well on it's way, we have a little extra something prepared to help you get into the Halloween Spirit! As we're currently running the Infinite Renewal as our main event, we were not able to run a big Halloween Event, but we still wanted to offer something special. Log in and experience Halloween in Hefei with spooky decorations and reap the rewards of a treat with no tricks with an assortment of Halloween Costumes and Consumables!

    Halloween Pumpkin Gift
    From 10/30/2021 (Saturday) to 10/31/2021 (Sunday), we are giving away a [Halloween] Pumpkin Gift Box as a special treat for the Halloween Season! This box contains [Halloween] Pumpkin Candy (5), [Halloween] Costume Ticket, Courier's Guild Voucher (30), and Lion's Roar (The Land) (10). Press the H key to access the event window to receive yours today! (Can only be received once per account)


    [Halloween] Pumpkin Candy Buff
    • All Attributes increased by 150
    • Critical Hit Damage increased by 50%
    • Critical Rate increased by 5000/10000
    • All Resistance increased by 500
    • Attack Speed increased by 20%
    • Cooldown/Recast time reduced by 10%
    • Movement Speed increased by 20%
    • Increase Exp gain by 100%

    Seo Hwarang's Halloween Resource List
    Costume Set Stats.png
    Grim Reaper.png
    Talisman of the Dead (7 Days).png

    Marketplace Item: Epic Dancing Dragon Box (M)/(F)
    Starting now until November 9, you'll be able to purchase the Epic Dancing Dragon Boxes from our Marketplace! Read on for the full details of this special, limited-time sale!

    Sale Items:
    Epic Dancing Dragon Box (M)/(F) (1)
    Epic Dancing Dragon Box (M)/(F) (10+1)
    Epic Dancing Dragon Box (M)/(F) (30+5)

    Properties: Can Trade, Cannot Sell, Can Store, Cannot Discard

    Epic Dancing Dragon Box
    One of the following items can be obtained through opening the Epic Dancing Dragon Box!
    • Infinite Pearl Liquor
    • Infinite Yellow Liquor
    • Inifinite Grey Liquor
    • Sealed Bead (Excellence)
    • Huatuo's Panacea (2)
    • Master's Creating Guide (Excellence)
    • Dragon Blood
    • Sapphire Stone Shard (5)
    • Sapphire Stone Shard (3)
    • Tender stone of Nine Divines
    • Mirror of Ancient Dragon
    • Epic Dancing Dragon Costume (M)/(F)
    • Ultimate Tablet


    Event Notice:
    • The event begins October 26, 2021, after maintenance, and will run until November 9, 2021, before maintenance.
    • Any accounts found abusing the event will be permanently banned.
    • Reward items are obtained at a fixed probability -- there is no guarantee that you will obtain them.
    • The event schedule and details are subject to change without notice or compensation.
    • Click the [?] icon located at the top-right corner to open the Resource and Create window.
    • Place your cursor over the magnifying glass to check the properties of an item.
    • Event items and Resource lists will be deleted from the game. Be certain to use/open them by November 9th's maintenance.
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    to bad those bags only 30 days if they where in the box and permanent i would buy them but for now nope not wurth it
    that kind of money and only saphir shards please rf you realy getting greedy
    6600 cc to gamble and getting noting pff please i want the item i want for me money no more gambling go read th eu rules about gambling in mmorpg the game must be pg 21 to alow gamling witch 9d is not therefor its not alowed to have lootboxes
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    it say we need top log in to get the event thing for halloween but i didnt get mine
  4. nomadstrike

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    dreamcatcher read the date say 10/30 and 10/31 not sooner lol

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