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Discussion in 'Player to Player Support' started by Krauzo, Apr 25, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! I'm new to the game since I last played a few years ago and now that I'm back alot has changed... I just wanted some tips from experienced healers on how should I build my healer. I'm thinking about exploiting the Yin Soul nuke which reduces those 2 elemental resistances and create Ancient East Temple weapon for maximizing Yin damage and also with 300 yin orns on them so It would look something like 1200 from orns+1200 from wep+30% Yin dmg increase from wep and 20% Yin damage increase from RBK, Do you guys thinks this is a viable option? since elemental damage doesn't care about defence I could wear gloves to have acces to the useful smashes and still be able to do them nukes if needed OR Should I drop def smash and other smashes and just go CK with the same elemental build or just go good ol' full crit orns? Also a question that's been buggin me alot is the actual stats build. I'm planning to go 200 str for wep, max dex and rest on cons, but some ppl recommend full dex and rest on cons which is how I am atm but I DO have acces to HF quest to redo stats, I'm thinking about this because going to repair weapon every 15 minutes 300k seems a little expensive in the long run. hence the STR for weapon. I have a lot of things in mind but I know it would be too expensive later to redo everything so I would like you guys opinion on this since there aren't many healers in-game to ask.. mostly I see warrior/nuker/hyb nowadays. Thanks for your patience if you read this long! :D I'm LM6 Healer using PSH gloves with full yang orns btw
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    Pro tip : just quit the game. No point on playing it anymore
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    YYBS won't add as much damage as you could get from having a higher max damage weapon with a higher refinement level. Defense smashes stop working after Tibet, so there's no point in thinking about relying on it for increased damage. If you aren't using a high refined HG12 weapon and grinding on YYBS damage mobs, then generally YYBS ornaments will be better than Critical Damage ornaments.

    Weapon durability decreasing is dependant more on level than it is stat requirements. I don't feel like DEX matters as much as people think it does. If you're playing CK you will almost never miss, and if you are melee it's seemingly impossible to obtain a high enough attack rating to never miss. Personally I would built as much CON as I could while keeping a minimum STR/WIS/DEX requirements for the weapons I would be using.

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