Combat Matrix (Needs animations)

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    Exocore: Combat Matrix
    Price: RC 1050
    Class: Striker/Alchemist

    B-P 2

    PPPPP: First punch lunges out foward, second one has hitbox like hitmans second punch, however its a very wide hook, third punch is the one frame zinkarates 3rd punch, 4th hit is a spinning elbow hook with alot of wide range and lunges(can be angled in any direction and connect), finishes with a grab type hit that does huge uppercut (not straight up, moreon a angle) and lifts the enemy at around character head height and knocksback as far as muscle buster KKKK

    PPPK: First punch lunges out foward, second one has hitbox like hitmans second punch, however its a very wide hook, third punch is the one frame zinkarates 3rd punch, the kick pins to the ground (trips, no knockback) simular animation as akido's second kick
    (PP: Second hit cant be blocked unlike scrolls (acts like exocore combo)(can do 2 single punches like dark power)

    KK: Round house kick with right foot and does a full spin, secondkick is a second round house that is much quicker

    KPK: Round house kick, Followed by a spinning elbow and third is a trip/spinning kick that launches like cold blooded. Combo is VERY QUICK and has MANY DELAYSza

    Cz: Dodgetype - player quickly leaps straight up in the air at around basic soul fighter regular jump height (Will fall straight down like a regular jump if no action is done within 1 second)

    CzP: Pushes player back to safety by striking air with brute force. Creates a small wind animation, players hit will be forced to walk in air as if hit by panic backwards (forces players to turn if they arent facing you)

    CzK: Kicks foward with an animation simular to Asura's CzK, But instantly pins the opponent on the ground with no knock back.

    CzK(Charge): Slams ground underneath, Small shockwave instantly pins opponents to the ground with no knockback. Then lights fire on the ground for 0.5seconds allowing it to firelock players. (acts like a ground hit stopping them from moving when they stand up if it hits)

    V Skill: Chance stance to more defensive/stationairy(Like dragon but with no movement), Counters any combo-hits aimed at you, the hit is pretty basic, it will automatically counter by launching a full forced right hand swing causing a bu launcher (Alot of recovert, 410 Damage) (Alot of red energy and wind effects)
    V Skill + Kick: Breaks out of the counter animation to strike doing a shockwave with a massive roundhouse knocking back like the DH Exocore shockwave. (Invincibility frames)

    B Skill + Punch after connection: Runs foward like dark lightning, if it connects with a player it will guardbreak them with a hit simular to attack booster launcher, if punch is not done you can juggle off of it, if punch is done you leap up to the opponent and strike them at full force knocking em down quickly (Like azteca kick combo, another baguazhang launcher, etc) to fence. (Jumps pretty high, full height of launcher)

    B Skill + Punch during dash beforec connection: Runs and does Agni >>Z animattion, But its not a grab animation its an actual small/medium range AoE hit that exploads of energy striking the ground (Punch guard breaks, AoE shockwave doesnt)

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