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    Finally! A chance to settle the score in this Moderator vs Player brawl!

    Throwdown Information:
    • Throwdown will be held on TBD, 2023 between 4:00 PM PDT - 5:00 PM PDT.
    • Moderators will create a pass-worded room. Players will receive hints on the room password through the in-game Megaphones. The occupancy of these rooms will be 4, 6 or 8 man rooms.
      • The passwords will be Rumble Fighter trivia related.
    • Moderators will be equipped with high stats and strong skill items to challenge veterans and other high stat users.
    • Participants may select the maps that they'd like to play on.
    • Throughout the event, we may reward a player(s) that do not have a chance to join a throwdown room, either through a dedicated questionnaire room, Discord or in-game megaphones.
    • To ensure that players have an equal opportunity to participate, players that successfully play with a moderator cannot join the next room created.
    General Throwdown Event Rules:
    • You may only win once per event.
    • Winners (Team) will be determined based whether your team reaches 1st Place
      • This means even if your team loses and you get first (clutch), you will still win.
    • [Updated 08/09/2022] Teams that utilize suicide tactics will not receive any prizes. Please refrain from suicide tactics after winning the initial first two rounds of the match.
    • Participants cannot utilize an Avalon Driver for this event.
    • There are no stat restrictions, but your speed and jump must be capped at 40 & 30 respectively.
      • The Avalon Driver & stat restrictions do not apply to the moderator team.
    • There are no skill item restrictions for this event.
    • You may not give your reward to someone else.
    • Any form of hacking or glitching is prohibited and will result in disqualification.
    • Extreme vulgar language or harassment to a player or moderator will be met with disqualification and, possibly, an account ban.
    • Changing your IGN before prizes are distributed will omit your prize. Please send a ticket if you change your IGN or if you did not receive the prize.
    • Please note that these are the only legitimate moderators during the event:
      • [GM]Kyubi
      • [CM]Fang
      • [CA]Sou
      • [CA]Happy
      • [CA]Ztar
      • [CA]MrBurns
      • [CA]Embers

    • Should you successfully defeat the moderator team, you may select one of the following prizes:
      • Random Box (changes monthly)
        • 1x Premium Gemstone Generator 5-Pack
        • 2x Black Friday Box Red (Re)
        • 1x Black Friday Box (Gold)
      • Game Supportive Items
        • Orichalcon Coupon Package
        • 50,000 Carats Coupon
        • 1,000 Medals Coupon
    • Should you be unsuccessful at defeating the moderator team, you may try again. However, you will receive 15,000 Carats Coupon for your participation if you do not win a prize from the list above.


    • Using multiple accounts to participate in the throwdown event.
    • Winning more than once per Throwdown event (1 win per account).
      • If you are caught with fraud, your prizes will be stripped from all of your accounts. Subsequent attempts will result in an increasing account ban for each attempt.
    Prize Distribution:
    Within 3-5 business days after the event.
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