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Discussion in 'Player to Player Support' started by Despirien, May 3, 2016.

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    May 3, 2016
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    I have come back from years of not playing and have noticed so many a thing has changed. I now need a lot of help. I prefer the black clans to white but I have no issue if they are more powerful.

    What I need most is a guide of the best. Not player driven likes and dislikes like most guides are ran. But let's go through one particular class and hopefully all of them eventually. The hybrid is what I currently want. I do not care of looks of attacks, buffs, etc. What I desire is buff strength, healing power, # of skills available, stats and power above all else, weapon availability, slots early game and end game, endgame clothes, difficulty to aquire doesn't matter nor learning cure of play. I want the top brass statistically regardless of clan or difficulty. If pve/PvP with the new stats are impossible then a pve build first as to build my needs for the PvP characters first.

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