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    The Daily Quests

    The daily quest are special quest that are reset EVERY DAY at 6 AM server time.
    That means you can do them again and again and get a lot of rewards.
    The rewards from these quests are gold or experience. The amount of experience per quest can be from 10% (When you do the quest at the lower) to 5% (when you do the quest at the higher level)

    You can find those quest on the map with purple "!" or "?":


    Or the NPC:


    The quest details can be found in the Quest tab (key Q from keyboard), those are under Heroic Episode section.


    Here the list of map with daily quests and level range:
    • ZhengZhou | Shi Zhang: Level Range: 25 - 48
    • Jinan | Datong: Level Range: 48 - 96
    • Bloody Plain: Level Range: 74- 80
    • Nanchang | Hangzhou: Level Range: 97 - 120
    • Liaodong: Level Range: 121 - 144
    • North Sea: Level Range: 145 - 168
    • Tibet: Level Range: 169 - 182
    There can be more than one quest per level. (Max 5)
    All of them will be reset everyday so you can do them again and again !
    For now there isn't quest for level higher than 182.

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