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    So yeah, i made a sound pack that makes some music changed to smash bros ost
    I will be updating the sound pack to add more music and any fixes

    New Update 1.2.4!!

    v 0.2.4
    - All boss music changed (Besides vlad castle A, any suggestions?) DH (Corneria), DH Boss (Mute City), Dragon (Metal Battle), Al Hata (Kongo Jungle), Locke's Refuge (Menu 2), Vladimir's Castle B (Battlefield), and Vladimir's Castle C (Giga Bowser)

    - Extra ost, Demolition (Break the Targets), Square (Yoshi's Story), Save the Princess (Final Destiny)

    - Better loop for Game room

    v 0.1.0
    - Release of sound pack

    - Changed music for Moonlight valley (Flat Zone), Glacier Cove (Icicle Mountain), Game room (Menu 1), Lobby (Vs. Results), Shop (Trophy), and My Character (How to Play)

    Instructions: easy as 1 2 3
    1. make a new folder called "mods" (with no ") in the res folder
    2. put all the ogg files in the mods folder you made
    3. enjoy your smash bros music

    the old and more complicated instructions are here
    If you want me to make any changes, you can pm me, and i will be happy to answer :D
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