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    Happy July 4th, Fighters!

    A Login and RumbleMode Party event were added during the July 14th server maintenance.

    Events currently running during the month of July (subject to change with server maintenance):
    • Login Event - Your first login during 00:00 - 23:59 will award you with 1 Proof of Passion, which can be used to acquire the new "Hero" costume(s).
    • RumbleMode Party - Complete sets of matches in Caged Beast / King of the Hill / Moving Screen / Potion Battle / Defense Mode to earn different parts of the "Hero" costume(s).
    • Fisticuffs Fridays - Defeat your opponents (or the GM) to receive hand-selected prizes. View the official event page for more information on how to participate.
    • Un-BEAR-able Summer - Ride into July as stylish as this surfing Polar Bear! Complete objectives to receive the Polar Bear Suit (Timed) and the Knu ExoCore. For more details, view the event page here.
    • 1 Hour Playtime Event - Complete 1 Hour of Play to receive Proof of Passion and Elite Soldier Grand Sword (GD) [3 Days]. It will be offered four times during the event, don't miss them while they are available.
      • "Proof of Passion" is a recipe combination item that will be further implemented at a later date.
      • The "Elite Soldier Grand Sword (GD)" [3 Days] will be offered after completing the 2nd / 6th / 10th/ 14th hour or day for the event.
        • Due to some issues, the timer for the Elite Soldier Grand Sword (GD) will start automatically upon receiving it.
    • Hottest Summer Couple Fashionista - Get the summer rolling with your hottest outfits! Burn the competition in this heated <Fashionista Event>
    • D-H-14 War (Normal) - Fighters can now acquire all 6 pieces of the Quarantine Suit LV. A (Timed) from the D-H-14 War chest. A permanent set for the previous Event Boss Modes will be distributed shortly.
    • Login Event (2020) - 2020 WonderGuy Costume Package (30 day duration)
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    Timed items and scam loot boxes are un-BEAR-able.

    A Carat spenders would be nice since you don't add new content, let alone Carat content, to the game anymore.
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    I second this
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    The events it's almost the same as June events!
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    I support, add Cape of Time as 100k tier price. Arigatou Gozaimasu

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