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    Today I'm going to show indepth the exocore "Gaiters of Kris". This is one of my absolute favorite exocores thats not a rare. It has so many possibilities of getting kills in so many unique ways. It has various tools, can be used from any range and players never expect its V skill features.

    Punch Combo: Unchanged

    Kick Combo: Unchanged

    V-Skill: Quick foward kick with many properties.
    -High Invincibility frames/Combo Breaker
    -Ground Hit(Forces direction of opponent)
    -Enemy Debuff: Chain Reaction (Causes damage and knockback to players who touch enemies effected by this)

    B-Skill: Tornado
    -Can be angled once B is pressed
    -Can target opponents back
    -AoE Launcher

    B-Skill(Charged): Tornado Barrage
    -Can be angled once B is pressed
    -Can target opponents back
    -AoE Launcher
    -Hits ultra far
    -3 step move
    -Can push enemies into AoE Launcher

    How to use:
    -This exocore has so many ways to be used its insane. Its skill required can be ranged from extremely low to high depending on how you want to use it. The V skill is so simple and straight foward, But it can do so much damage and kill potential. Its B skill gets more complexe but can almost secure kills or Isolate people. It is an amazing and fun exocore that is dangerous.

    -With this exocore you have many options on how you want to play it. You can also adjust it to your skill level & the difficulty of the room you are in. Predicting pro players is harder, surviving against them too. Doing too much while not doing it right won't be rewarding, But then again doing simplistic stuff is very easy with this exocore too.

    -The V-Skill is your shield and sword basically. If you're being boxed in and are blocking, The second you feel danger and need to get out, tap V. If its thunder blades pushing you off, forcing you to grab, V will let you skip a hit-frame to wiggle out or counter-attack. It could counter dashes, other combo breakers, etc. In teams or FFA battle, Having multiple people around you in a bunch, It will all chain onto each other and get real nasty. It has a very good start up and will most likely not be interupted, So you can also press foward and hunt players with it. It gives just enough stun so that you can jump away safely without being punished.

    -The Chain Effect on the V-Skill is one of your most dangerous utilities. No matter how well seasoned the player you are up against, He can predict what you will do but not the effects of that V-Skill. Its already sometimes hard to guess when someone will launch a specific attack, But when will that attack hit someone else, maybe another person and finish with you falling off the map? It can look like a cute little ground hit and block away everyone around it too.

    -You need to learn the map and remember your most important fight zones for the V-Skill. First off, its PvP. In general, people will be pressing onto you in certain moments. If you can be located at a certain spot with this exocore, Land that V-Skill in a certain zone, You can get either that kill or many. In a simple situation, You V onto that guy just for a kill with a combo-break towards the edge, done. In the complexe situation, you did your homework, aimed your shot and hoped for the best. Having constant go to places when many players are up is an amazing tactic to cut the room down to fewer players alive.

    -The V skill can be linked to a launcher, some Cz set ups, a team mates combo, etc. Sometimes you might think you're losing damage by not doing a full juggle, but if you get someone with that human bolder, thats damage and kill potential. Even if you cut off your teammates juggle, Its the same thing.

    -The B-Skill can be used in a few ways. It would never be recommended in straight foward combat with someone who can literatly combo you cause you're almost glued to them. That's easy work for the V-Skill however. You're going to want to wait for a moment where you either have time, You see peopled knocked down, distracted by each other, who don't have time to move out for whatever reason, etc. You can angle it, Keep the charge if they pull away. Let go of the charge if they try to move. With its 2 follow up hits going off-screen range on a full charge, It can secure a fence kill. It will also force opponents to wait out animations and play safer.

    -You need to ge the feel of the B-Skill to use it right. You knowing the distance can be good for many things. Aim that B-Skill so perfectly they won't know if they need to guard, side guard, turn around, etc. Then play around with the charge to get them wondering. Letting go real quick when people turn around to come counter attack you is real.

    -Use the charge to its full potential. You can easily set people up. Make them stress over that tornado near them and push them into it with the full charge.

    -The B skill is an amazing tool to engage into a gang fight and getting your threat recognized. It will force all parties to give up and think. Those who don't will pay a price and can easily die. A Fully charge B-skill landing in moon is grounds for a secured kill. A regular charge too.
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