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    Feb 8, 2016
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    Face up against the most competitive PvE Rumble Fighter players ever in a test of time. Can you beat the World Record? Think again.
    World Records Boss Mode edition will feature an ongoing World Records run for specific Boss Modes. At the end of each month, the World Record's team will receive 1,000 RC per team member. Each team can have a maximum of 4 players.

    Each month, we will be featuring a different boss mode, however due to the finite amount of nonseasonal boss modes, we will be constantly revisiting all the different boss modes. Do you have what it takes to be the fastest? Good luck!

    • Boss Mode must be recorded or streamed with a saved VOD. The video must be accessible to the public and will be pending review of the Rumble Fighter team staff.
    • All boss mode runs must follow all RedFox Games' terms of service meaning, but not limited to: no hacking and exploiting.
    • Video must not be sped up or slowed down in any way, shape, or form.
    • Your submission will be on this thread. Please see submission guidelines below.
    • You may only submit your submission once.
    • You may not post anything but your submission on this thread, meaning no reservation posts or posts about the event.
    • Feedback, complaints, concerns, or information about the event can be answered either through tickets or a feedback thread in general discussion.
    • You may join more than one team, however you can only win once.
    • In the event of a tie, both parties will be rewarded half the RC.
    Featured Boss Mode:
    Al Hata - Hard Mode

    4/3/2019 - 4/30/2019 23:59 PDT

    Teammates IGNs:
    Video Link:
    IGN: [GM]Toast
    Teammates IGNs: [GM]Shadow, [GM]Gourdy, [GM]Deez [GM]Support
    Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/
    If you become the World Record holder(s) for the featured boss mode of the month:
    • 1000 RC per team member
    • [​IMG] (1 per team member)
    • World Record Forum Title (until broken)
    Prize Distribution:
    Within 5 business days of the event ending.
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    IGN: Draygashi
    Teammates IGNs: Sly, Sou, V
    Video Link:
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