What is your 12 Sky lineage?

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    Tell everyone your history with 12 Sky.

    I'll start....

    Started with 12 Sky at AGE. Open Beta and across a few years. Began as a Fujin on the first server. Played there for awhile but eventually migrated over to the second and played as a Jinong. Stayed there until a third server opened. I began the new server as a Jinong but rerolled to a Guanyin because they were so sparsely populated that the server was unbalanced. Stayed there until they announced 12 Sky 2. Transferred my Guanyin to AGE's TS2 and started waiting for release. During the wait I played CB TS2 for MAYN. Ended up staying there for an extended time. Began as a Jinong but rerolled to a Fujin for balance issues again.

    I got bored after awhile and took a break. Once I got interested in playing again I returned to AGE's TS2 and started over as a Fujin.

    Highest level I reached was g8. I guess I have a habit of changing my mind and starting over a lot.
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