Ways to Expand and Improve PvP

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    The other thread is about finding the best solution to allow everyone to play the game how they most enjoy. PvE, PvP and those who like to do both.

    This thread will be for ideas for how to improve PvP play, reduce PKing, and expand it in ways to keep it interesting for PvP players. They are different topics, and should be discussed separately .

    1. Give XP for PvP "kills". Same system as PvE kills. This should give an incentive to stop PKing. No XP for low level killing. Give say... 3x the XP compared to a mob kill.

    2. Prevent targeting of anyone Higher/lower than 6-12 levels.

    3. Points/Currency for PvP "kills" that can be used to get PvP focused gear that you can't wear unless you have PvP turned on.

    4. Separate leader boards.

    5. PvP focused events (as long as equivalent PvE events are also held.)

    6. Special PvP only dungeons and maps where you can't go unless you have PvP turned on.

    There's a few ideas. Let's hear some more.
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