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    Hello RF Online!

    We have been getting many different reports about all sorts of issues, so we are starting this thread to outline some rules to follow. After this is completed, we will post up an official Magna Carta.

    1. Map Glitching: Map Glitching is a bannable offense, depending on the severity of the map glitch. If a player is able to EXP and gain a level advantage from using terrain glitches, they may be banned and deleveled.

    2. PB Resetting Exploit: PitBoss Resetting Exploit is a bannable offense. This is an exploit of monster mechanics and is not allowed. Players who are reported for PB resetting will have any items gained removed and may receive a game ban.

    3. Chaos Abuse: Chaos Potion use is allowed for general disputes. However, chaos abuse is when a player kills others an excessive number of times. These situations will be judged on a case by case basis. First offense will be a 24 hour jade of punishment, with subsequent reports resulting in a temporary ban. *(This rule is for random or personal disputes. Chaos potion use for Guild/Race drama is acceptable, but these rules are subject to change. If two parties agree to feud, GMs will not take actions against either party unless bystanders are affected.)

    4. Killing on Portals: Killing on portals is prohibited. This includes placing towers and traps on top of portals. Fighting at an advantage is a good strategy. However, spawn killing does not give your opponent a chance to fight back.

    5. Mining while HSK is alive and aggressive: This is an exploit of HSK mechanics and is punishable. Punishment will range from a warning to the removal of gold points and boxes. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

    These rules are subject to change until the official Magna Carta is posted. If you have any feedback about these rules or want to suggest another rule, please post your thoughts in the thread that will be in the General Discussion Forum.
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