Update server to latest RF Online Remastered indonesia official server files (And sugestions)

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Update server to latest RF Online :Remastered indonesia official server files

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  1. nedius004

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    Jan 25, 2016
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    Can u plz update server files to latest RF Online remastered indonesian server files.
    There evrything is fixed.
    Evrything fixed on indo remastered files:
    -towers fixed
    -maus fixed
    -ore from daily quest boxes give full stacks
    -potions from daily quest boxes are permanent no rental time
    -daily quest boxes give bio lab 1 quest scrols now for cora to
    All npcs back in hq :
    -type a weapons lvl 35-50 npc back
    -type a lvl 35-47 shields npc back
    -lvl 35-65 white weapons npc back
    -lvl 35-47 int armors npc back
    -lvl 35-50 int shields npc back
    -lvl 35-50 int weapons npc back
    -outcast land npc back so 23% attack pots are back
    -in npc near portal in hq all charms and generators 48 hours rented are back
    -u can craft evry lvl item lvl 1-70 armors weaps shields u can even craft rare d items if lucky
    -ETS lvl 51-55 /56-60/61-65 elite training scool maps back and daily elite training scool quest back
    -can enter all maps agin no lvl restriction back to old lvl restriction
    -less dc
    -lvl 75 armors weaps shields normal ,int,type c , rare d
    Video of lvl 75 armors all races and gender

    Ad ranking system to the website with :
    -Player ranking
    -Guild ranking
    -Chip war update wat race wins loses and fails
    -Economi info
    -Archon list wo is race leader and there archons each race
    -Pvp ranking top 100 with most pvp points
    Other suggestions :
    -Ad premium service
    -Lower cash chop price by 50 % so its less overpriced (Look to other official servers prices)
    -Update launcher with how many % servers are full
    -Update fond off launcher and show wich events are active and all other news on the launcher
    -U can merge servers and then open new server with the new server files to see if they like the new update and when they like it u can then put that update in Titan server .
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  2. nedius004

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    Jan 25, 2016
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    Bump updated with more info

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