Update: Infinite Dungeon Renewal

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    After the long wait, we are happy to release the renewal of the Infinite Dungeon! Get ready to wave goodbye to the Infinite Dungeon you once knew. With all-new challenging stages, reward features, and an updated point system, this update is sure to bring you great power and fortune. Did we mention there are new items, costumes, weapons, AND relics?

    About Infinite Dungeon
    • The Infinite Dungeon is accessible to character level Revolving Chakra 1 (37) and above. You can access the dungeon interface by clicking the Infinite Dungeon Tab after pressing the F11 key.
    • You will gain a certain amount of Challenge Points by clearing each stage while in the dungeon, and higher stages will payout more Challenge Points.
    • Points earned can be used to buy various items from Infinite Master, Man Sangja.
    • The number of daily entries to the Infinite Dungeon will be initialized at 00:00 server time, and the ranking will be calculated according to the stage and progress time.
    • Additional point rewards will be given according to the ranking calculation at the last/first maintenance each month.

    Stages and Difficulty Re-Adjustment
    • Stages and Difficulty Re-Adjustment
    • The number of stages is reduced from 50 Stages to 33 Stages, including 3 Reward Stages. The difficulty of stage 21 is similar to the existing stage 50, and starting at stage 23, it will be more difficult drastically.
    • 3 new bosses will spawn at stage 10, stage 21, and stage 32. The type of boss will appear randomly and have powerful skills.

    Infinite Entry and Infinite Stone Price Adjustment
    • 5 Entries (default) + 5 Entries (Infinite Stone) (10 Total) to 2 Entries (default) + 2 Entries (Infinite Stone) (4 Total).
    • Infinite Stone (30 RC) to Infinite Stone (60 RC).

    Be confident in your strength and rush in without the support of a party!
    Previously there were 2 modes to enter the Infinite Dungeon Solo and in a Party. However, the Infinite dungeon is now only open to Solo entries. Parties are not welcomed!

    Ranking Point Distribution
    Stage Clear points and ranking reward points are adjusted depending on the newly designed number of stages and difficulty level. Each month, individuals on all servers Rank 1~50 will receive the following Challenge Point Rewards.

    Infinite Dungeon Ranking will be reset each month during maintenance. Ranking Points will be distributed prior to reset periods.

    Point Shop Items Changes

    Due to the adjustment of point gain as well as existing points, the cost of point shop items has also been adjusted. Additionally, an assortment of new items has been added.

    Point Shop Page 1
    Point Shop Page 1.png
    Point Shop Page 2
    Point Shop Page 2.png
    Reward Stages
    For reaching stages 11, 22, and 33, you will be granted a special treasure box in which you can receive valuable items. These stages will have no monsters and will not give out any points.

    Stage 11 Treasure Box
    Contains one or more of the following items.
    • Ultimate Tablet
    • Wave Healing Stone
    • Symbol of True Blood Sorcerer
    • Essence of Hazy Spirit
    • Annihilation Kylin's Red Eye
    • Thousand Year Soul
    • Book of White Dragon (1)
    • Book of White Dragon (2)
    • Book of White Dragon (3)
    • Infinite Spirit Tablet (3)
    • Infinite Soul Pill (3)
    • Infinite Spirit (Low)
    • Infinite Spirit Tablet (2)
    • Infinite Soul Pill (2)

    Stage 22 Treasure Box
    Contains one or more of the following items.
    • United Spirits Bead
    • Ultimate Tablet
    • Wave Healing Stone
    • Mystic Silk
    • Incarnation Aura of Buddha
    • Warmhearted Soul Stone
    • Chulmok's Secret Vault
    • Sapphire Stone
    • Abandoned Luggage
    • Wooden Plate Shard
    • Infinite Spirit (Mid)
    • Infinite Spirit Tablet (3) (2)
    • Infinite Soul Pill (3) (2)

    Stage 33 Treasure Box
    Contains one or more of the following items.
    • Infinite Spirit (High)
    • Infinite Spirit Tablet (3) (3)
    • Infinite Soul Pill (3) (3)
    • Ultimate Tablet
    • United Spirits Bead
    • Wave Healing Stone

    Infinite New Equipment
    A new weapon series called Infinite Dark Soul is added. The Infinite Dark Soul weapons can be traded using the latest materials. You can upgrade the Infinite Dark Soul weapons to tier 2, the Infinite Sandstorm Phoenix weapons, which have superior stats.



    New Man Sangja Resource Items
    Man Sangja Resource 1.png
    Man Sangja Resource 2.png
    New Man Sangja Create Items
    Man Sangja Create 1.png
    Man Sangja Create 2.png
    Lei Woodo Resource Items
    Lei Woodo Resource 1.png
    Lei Woodo Resource 2.png
    Lei Woodo Resource 3.png
    Lei Woodo Create Items
    Lei Woodo Create.png
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    hello GM, can you please post a screenshot of a character wearing those new weapons? thank you!
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    hi GM, the lvl requirement is different between the bracer and other weapons in the infinite weapons
    The bracer: Heavenly Immortal 12
    others: Heavenly Immortal 2
    is it the right thing or just a mistake?
    Thank you <3

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