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    As a long time player who has played in almost all if not all the eras of guild war, I think I got a pretty good idea of where these players will rank (with some help from a couple of long standing players as well).

    Honorable Mentions
    Ken (AznTaco) :
    Without a doubt the greatest mechanical protagonist to change the aspects of guild war in more ways than one.
    Eli (KingVamp) : When he played he was a great player and showed me a lot of things that I couldn't have known just on my own. #KingVampSharingan
    Lateef : Doesn't guild war as much as anyone would know him now, but when he did without a doubt a long standing top 3 player and at one point the best to do it.
    Kelvin (JayEnergy) : Doesn't guild war anymore but he had his reign as the top dog in early GamesCampus days ; from being a great batter to also being an offensive unit, what more can you ask for.

    S Tier
    Ziggy :
    Guild War Season 4 - Main Protagonist
    Taurus : Stray puppy I found on Dos Palmas in 2013/2014 and enjoyed watching him grow into the player he is today, not a lot of players can develop as much as him and have such an impact like him.
    oRandom : Patrick plays in a guild war meta where everyone wants to be the shooter or go to offensive anchor, but somehow manages to carry his team just off of pure support. Without a doubt the best support player and a very annoying one to play against when you're against him.
    Mark (Stardust) & Long (EMIYA) : Completely two different players when it comes to playstyle but respectively are still two amazing players. Mark's versatility when it comes to his arsenal of scrolls and exocores he can use versus Long's long time experience and veteran game IQ has been a matchup for a long time. Not to say neither of those players possess both but I'd say they both have their moments/eras where they were better than each other.

    A Tier (no particular order)
    Liar :
    No doubt best batter to touch this game and does one of the simplest things in guild war well (living). Not to mention he's an insane rapper.
    Prodigy : Best mechanical player currently, dude has a whole mechanic named after him. Adam not only can frag out when you need him but he is a top support player when it comes to backing up his team. #EscobarStunzy
    React (Torrey) : Back when he played he was an insane player, great 1v1er and when this guy has the hot hand there's not much he can't do.
    Clay (Stunzy) : Welp of course I'm going to add myself, can safely say any player on this list and that guild wars would agree as well.
    Axin (Brandon) : Before he became one of the best soul saber users in the game, he was a great 1v1er not to mention insane bats user. Great 2v2er to have on your side when blitzing left side.
    Arceus (Hassaan) : Lot of people have different opinions on this guy when it comes to consistency, but I just value him as a great teammate. Great bats and has some insane mechanics up his sleeves, not to mention he's a very snowball type of player once he gets going. #TeamKanada

    B Tier
    Realm (Drew) :
    Drew's a solid player for his team, doesn't have any problem with taking offensive initiative or playing the support role.
    Lewx : If his IQ didn't hold him back he would be a lot higher on this list. Lew's capability to blitz someone, 2v2, and to just straight up fight someone is insane. Exo versatility needs some work.
    Discreet : This guy can perform in higher tier guild wars but at the same time can be a liability due to his mentality (varies on team). Good batter and support player.
    Vinsmoke : Good batter and really has a good system when he plays on his teams, kinda IGL's for his team on rumble fighter.
    Batton : A player who has the capability of doing insane things but just doesn't play enough or care. #My2ndSon
    Chamar : Good player mechanically but has potential of proving himself in higher tiers if he plays more.
    Biri : At one point had the greatest ice blaster on the game, still a good player to have on your team in terms of supporting cast. Not to mention he can also wield soul saber quite well.

    C Tier
    Kinda hard to mention so many people that I've not acknowledged or worth mentioning, so be happy you're not in the D Tier portion.

    D Tier
    just a majority of player's opinions that I mostly agree with but didn't write.
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