The Journey of 9 Dragons (Game Guides) (NEW)

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    Hello 9 dragons fans and friends!
    Shifu's of White and Black Clan
    Masters and Pupils

    This post is dedicated to my journey into the land of 9dragons, a journey of kung fu adventures and the battle of power and love between the white and black clan. A lot has change in the land since I started playing 9 Dragons, so once again I retake the journey.

    I remember I was walking down the park and saw a strange light in front of me. The light suddenly covered me with warm rays and my eyes closed. I floated in a warm light and and suddenly I felt like falling on the ground. I opened my eyes and feel the breeze of a new world... I knew I am here with a reason...


    I was in Bamboo Village, in a new world with new people. Somehow all this was familiar. I saw a blue light which emanated from a person. I went to her, I knew she will help me.



    History Sheet : 9 Dragons ( The Game)
    Developer Journal : Fighting Styles of the White Clans
    Developer Journal : Fighting Styles of the Black Clans
    Developer Journal : Crafting Systems
    Developer Journal : The Combat System
    Developer Journal : Weapons
    Developer Journal : Items
    Developer Journal : Monsters

    Developer Journal : Exploration of the Dungeons

    [The Clans]

    White Clans :
    Clan Sheet : Shaolin
    Clan Sheet : Wu Tang
    Clan Sheet : The League of Beggars

    Black Clans:
    Clan Sheet : The Brotherhood of Thieves

    Clan Sheet: Heavenly Demon
    Clan Sheet : Sacred Flower

    Advance Clans / Not Available To Play Yet
    Elite Clans Sheet -The Union of Noble Families
    Elite Clans Sheet - The Disciples of Iron Fist

    Elite Clans Sheet - Black Dragon

    1 [ All 9Dragons Awake Quests ]
    Press ME

    Roads to Enlightenment

    Roads to the Dragon
    Roads to Karma
    Roads to Fate

    2 [Guides for beginners ]
    Wrap-Up Bamboo Village
    Wrap -up for the new kung fu apprentice

    VE newby guide ( after class balancing)

    3 [ Wu Tang Clan Base]
    Press ME
    All you need to know abou the map, kung fu, NPCs.

    4 [The Dungeouns]
    COF (The Choice of Fate) new
    COF (The Choice of Fate) Superior new
    VOH (The Judgement of Hell ) new
    VOH (The Judgement of Hell) Superior new
    COC (The Cave of The Conqueror) Dungeoun new
    SCM (Silver Coin Mansion Guide) new
    SCM (Silver Coin Mansion Guide) Superior new
    Wild Tower new
    Wild Tower Superior new
    Beast Tower new
    Beast Tower Superior new
    GCM (Mansion of Golden Coin ) new
    GCM (Mansion of Golden Coin) Superior new
    SRS (School of Rising Sun Guide) new
    SRS (School of Rising Sun Guide) Superior new
    North Sea Icy Palace Dungeon
    KJ (King Jin Dungeon Guide) new
    The Black Monks Dungeon
    East /West Temple Dungeon Loulan

    Revamp :
    The School of Rising Sun
    The Choice of Fate
    The Judgement of Hell
    Silver Coin Mansion
    Wild Tower
    Golden Coin Mansion

    5 [The Land Maps]
    Part 1
    1.The Land (World Map)
    2. Bamboo Map
    3. Wu Tang Shan
    4. Zhengzhou Map
    5. Jinan Map
    6. Nanchang Map
    7. Hangzhou Map

    Part 2
    8. Liaodong Map
    9. North Sea Icy Palace Map
    10.Tibet Map
    11. Kunlun Map

    Part 3
    12.Hefei the market of clans
    13.Bloody Plain Map
    14.The Cave of Conqueror Map
    15.Loulan Map

    6 [Strategy]
    Strategy : 9Dragons Awaken Errors

    Strategy : In Game Abbreviations Guide

    7 [Master & Disciple]
    How I become a master ?

    8 [Misc]
    Class Balancing - Wu Tang Warrior new skills (guide)
    Class Balancing - Beggar Healer new skills (guide)
    How I activate the formation ? Guide : 'Captivity Formation'

    9 [Advanced Guides]
    Remaster the game for veterans players starting anew
    Part 1, Game Interface
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    Thank you @Eroine for creating an updated game guide for the community.
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    Could you also make the guide for SRS dungeon? thanks in advance.
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    Sure, I will try my best to do it.
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    great job
    This reminded me of Warda
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    I meet warda back in 2008 on Asura server. She played vaga role a lot. Than she made a character of clan to make some of the community guides. Doing guides takes a lot of your game time so it is really a hard job. Since 2008 only few players did the guides for the community and those people gave up the game cause got feed up.

    It is frustrated because you don't get any gratitude for your work and your time, more you get criticize and abandon others thing you could do better. Also your posts could become subjective in other people eyes in many ways.
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    I see alot of Q didnt have links?
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    Follow the red links, they send you to all quests. The quests are concentarted in 1 post so you must follow all the red links. The post will open with several quests.
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