NOTICE Temporary Delay in Prize Distribution

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    Dear Fighters,

    I'd like to inform you all that we are experiencing temporary delay in prize distribution as we are facing some technical difficulties at this time. We are committed to get you all your well deserved prizes as soon as possible and we do apologize for the delay.

    The following regularly scheduled event prize distribution will be affected:
    • Fisticuffs
    • Mystery Monday
    • Workout Wednesday
    • CM/CA Throwdown
    • Boss Mode Rush
    • Scorching Summer 2 vs 2 Tournament
    Furthermore, the following events may also experience delays in prize distribution at this time:
    • The Splendid Rose
    • Back to School Fashionista
    We anticipate that prize distribution at this time will be delayed by up to two weeks (10 business days).

    Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work around the clock to bring back quick prize distribution to all fighters as soon as we can.
Thread Status:
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