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    So i started the game about 2 weeks ago, i played it years ago so i missed it and i had a nice ride up until lvl 49 there was even an exp event which helped greatly, than hit a brickwall. 99% of the time people are offline when i am online, like ...everyone is offline, most players are from philipines so if you are playing from europe, do not expect to have fun.

    Just another day and weirdly enough, i got "chat banned 2" in-game today whatever it meant, or for whatever reason?!?? With 0 warning or anything.
    Returnee player here, lvl 49, and after 2 weeks i went my first CW and helped in pvp as much as i could, and it was a victory.
    I died many times, but i think i made an impact at least a bit.

    Afterwards 2 other races attacked Husk - Guardian of Core, and we fought but lost husk, and i asked as i did not know what will happen now, and do we still get buff or mining, someone said no.

    I said i have ore from daily quests and i would like to process it if someone would buy, one person responded right away, so i went to process a lot of ore - got 10 x HMW items worth a lot for me.

    And BAM, my name on screen and i had chat restriction.

    1. i am stuck with these 10 items which expire in an hour or so
    2. person who pmed me to buy did not respond or was afk
    3. i can no longer advertise to sell those items so i lose them

    Since i joined Accretia faction i had two people help me a lot and were very friendly, the rest were just cold, dead cold and silent towards me and never even responded to my single question to the game.
    And than they chat ban me, and laugh on faction chat, since they know i am stuck with hmw's i can't sell, and they find it entertaining.

    The person who did not respond and wanted to buy, Found me, and said on normal chat he had DC, he bought and was very polite.

    But overall.... i really have no words to describe how unfriendly this game is to new players, is it because of them being skeptic someone is actualy new player and not alt, or them being simply evil, it does not matter much to me as new player, i simply do not wish to play the game under those circumstances, on any faction.

    Community is questionable at best.
    I would say avoid this server.

    Game overall is in better state than what i knew before, it is more native to level up and do quests, but online game without the people, or with lots of bad people, is no game at all.
    Honor to very few exceptions i met along the way, god help you.
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    Using "/all" chat for trade during CW.
    And dont lie, that during 22222222222 weeks of gameplay you never saw Archons anounce ppl about that rule
    All other bla-bla-bla of yours = you didnt enter any active guild, so was playing vs ALL world solo
    Of course exp/farm and other gameplay will look unfriendly.

    But what the server has to do with that?
    You didnt enter any guild for 2222222222 weeks = ppl start to think you are smbs alt char = fair?
    They are bad - bec you didnt enter guild and didnt want to play in team?
    OKAY amigo... OKAY
    Write more of your bla-bla drama.
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    I do not wish to argue, i am a grown-up recently returned to the game after quite a few years.
    And i am not from philipines, or brazil or whatever, but from Europe, so my timezone is quite different than yours and i can not expect people to hold my hand when it is their working hours or sleeping hours.

    To answer your questions, the entire time i played i communicated with people, but only very few ever talked back english to me so i surmised most do not speak english, for which i can not blame them. I did not expect people to not talk back because they think i am an alt, or they simply have a lot of built-up hate.

    Those few who helped me, helped me A LOT, gave me answers on how to lvl, gear, and i was often in parties too.
    I came back because of the EXP event, and it went really fast. And i completed almost every quest there is, and lvled my skills and PT to GM, which took a lot of time and effort.

    And the person who gave me gear and was very polite to me invited me to his guild "HayNaku" even tho i wanted to join up with 5110 who helped me the most, i did not want to turn down an invite as that would be rude.
    And while it is not very active guild, it is not dead/inactive, at least 10 people play there.

    I was with you guys on CW, and i fought and died over and over again, and we won, and i fought to protect Husk, and we could not do it on time.
    And than it was all over, and everyone went back to HQ.

    10 minutes later, after everything, after CW was done, i asked on /all chat if i should process ore from my dailies, to sell HMWs (as people told me to process before or after CW while most people are online) and people say yes, sure, one waited me to process, but later got DC and i could not sell, so i tried to post on /sell but i was CHAT BANNED.

    And they knew i processed ore, and they laughed on /all about it.

    So no, it was not about -Chat ban- it was about being rude and toxic about it.
    Imagine me being a new player ,and going through all that.
    I would never wish this to happen to any other new player, ever.
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    Hello Sir. Come Play Cora. Look for MrBlem ill take care of you!


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