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Discussion in 'Exocore' started by Squalo, May 26, 2017.

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    Sep 24, 2016
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    Is it me or everytime there is a new exo its more op then the last one? I think this has to change in some way because some exos r like bm tier exos now :I
    My idea is to have a 3rd skill on exos which will not make op necessarily.
    I think adding a jmp v skill can be something new to the game. Cancer exo has a teleport feature tht can maybe be added as a exo skill(just one of the skills it could be).This 3rd skill could vary depending on the exo it could be a simple teleport skill or hit skill.
    Another idea with jmp v(charged) could be a second transformation of exos.This will allow ppl to have a different combo list(not new skills).maybe the down side of 2nd transformations could be tht sp is reduce like 10 every sp every 3 sec.
    Also someone should make a 2nd version of default exos :I
    Like fish into sharks creating a small vortex when it hits someone js x.x
    Also we need more carat exos :L
    Make them 100k idc just need more carat exos
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    Mar 4, 2016
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    But... Inferno guitars not op...
    Or Dragon Falchion...
    Or Mosquito....
    Or Rustys flask...
    I think you get it

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