Should the guild creation silver requirement be reduced?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rockerskater16, Jan 10, 2021.


Should the guild creation's silver requirement be reduced?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. rockerskater16

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    Jan 9, 2021
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    I recently tried to create a guild as lv59. I did get to this level in one day, but i think 100,000,000 silver is a lot of currency. If we want this community to grow, it starts by making friends. Most of the bigger accounts are jerks, they ignore new players. No one speaks to me even when I ask them directly. Reducing the requirement will allow new players to make their own friends and develop more groups, which will entice them to return day after day to play this game. I feel it is vital to the growth of this community. I've played for two days now and I've only seen 3 different guilds, which are all full, regardless of them being a foreign language. If i did join, I wouldn't make friends due to a language barrier, but I digress. Can we have the guild creation's silver requirement reduced?
  2. Jed961

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    Mar 30, 2020
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    Creating a poll was a great idea because people can cast their votes in your poll. There is certainly no need to change anything at all.

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