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    Hello all!

    Have you tried the shiny bd? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about it is located on page 3 on the cash shop. I just want to know what it takes to complete the bd, what level requirement, and what needs to be in the party(tank, dps) and what does it give you when you are able to complete them.


    GM welcome to answer
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    15're funny! NO one on Cora side ever does those. Good luck getting a normal BD party. I have to solo the regular bds.. not enough "non afk" ats.
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    Hi there this a special "event" dungeon you can only get from the cash shop, you need a tanker and mainly DPS to fill the other spots id recommend doing after lvl 60+ with people you know can help ie guildies/friends, you do a series of rooms where you kill all the mobs and the 2nd to last room has Endless Flame Draco Pitboss which is the same as Beast Mountain Pitboss with the same loots/drops which is :
    jewellery boxes (contain random weapons 50 Intense/55 Normal as well as talic crystals, name cards, some trash loots also)
    Elemental Boxes for Violent Wild Earring and Fluctuating Beast Amulet and also another elemental, these are race specific and random so can be for each race its just luck, can be 3x tiers T3 being the best - usually the person who bought the shining gate BD from cash shop loots and gets all the elems as they spent the CC.
    As for the end reward the best rewards are either 10x or 20x talic crystals which are worth a lot, Shiny Weapon such as Spear/Staff/Bow/Gun all lvl 65 and unique to these BDs as reward, other good rewards include intense 65 weapons.

    So i don't recommend getting any until your a higher level and have friend/guildies to do them with that you trust and can make sure you complete them, hope this helps
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