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    [Misc. Improvements]
    • World Map Objects have been regenerated.
    • An issue where certain level Imperial Army (Objects) did not appear/spawn on the World Map has been fixed.
    [Bug Fixes]
    • Fixed an error where 'Movement Indicate Arrows' not visible while Corps. are moving at specific World Map coordinates.
    • Fixed an issue where the Notification Mark (red dot) on the Achievement icon was not working properly.
    • An error where the ATK value was not updated in Hero Details when equipment was being unequipped has been fixed.
    • An issue where the Amazones skill, 'Forest Fury' was not properly dealing damage to enemies has been addressed.
    • An error of Vanessa and Lucy's passive skill, ‘END RECOVERY’ has been fixed
      • When the battle ends, recover some lost troops.
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    ETA? Facebook post says maint is complete but still unable to access the game.

    *Edit. Nvm. It's up.
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    'Motion Indicate Arrows' were not displayed while Corps were moving at specified World Map coordinates; this problem has been fixed.
    The Achievement icon's Notification Mark (red dot), which was malfunctioning, has been fixed.
    A bug where the ATK value in Hero Details was not updated when equipment was taken off has been solved.

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