Patch Notes Server Patch Update: Version 12.0.10

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    [New Content : Alliance Content & Upgraded Arena]
    • Alliance Buildings
    • Alliance Skill
    • Upgraded Arena
    The upgraded arena will start from the following times:

    Mar. 19, 22:00 (ICT, UTC+7)
    Mar. 19, 15:00 (UTC)
    Mar. 19, 12:00 (BRT,UTC-3)
    Mar. 19, 08:00 (PDT,UTC-7)​

    Due to the permanent status of the updated Arena, Arena rewards have been changed.
    Please refer to here for more detailed information.

    [Misc. Improvements]

    ● When a status effect skill is applied to an immune hero, the immune status is now displayed.
    ● The touch area for setting the number of soldiers in a legion formation has been improved.​

    [UI/UX Modification and Effects Added]

    ● The winter theme has been removed.
    ● The UI for the alliance information on the mini map has been improved.
    ● The combat skill camera direction has been modified.
    ● The passive effects for each type of soldier are now displayed.
    ● The stun, stun attack, and silence skill effects have been modified.
    ● The Corps slot number is now displayed in the Corps information on the World Map.
    ● The awkward parts of the following character animations have been modified:
    - Sancho, White Tiger​

    [Bug Fixes]

    ● The intermittent issue where the client stops when receiving Contaminated Fog rewards has been fixed.
    ● The intermittent issue where the Contaminated Fog reward icon does not appear has been fixed.
    ● The issue where the turn reduction indicator did not display properly when wearing initial turn reduction equipment has been fixed.
    ● The issue where the chat window closes when the internal area of the chat window is clicked in high resolution has been fixed.​
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