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    Hello, this is the Kingdom Hunter Team.
    We are preparing to consolidate our servers to increase activity and competition for our Lords. Below is a detailed guide to the server merge.

    Server Merge Schedule

    Integration will take place during April 2023. Detailed information on the schedule will be re-announced one week prior to the server merge.

    Server Merge Details and Method

    ● The Kingdom1, Kingdom2, and Kingdom3 servers will be merged into the Kingdom server.
    ● When merging servers, only one Lord can be transferred per account. The automatic transfer process will proceed as follows.

    - Priority transfer of 'Lord' from the server with the highest 'Palace' level among Kingdom1, Kingdom2, and Kingdom3 servers.
    - If the Palace levels of the above servers are the same, the 'Lord' with the highest 'Combat Power' will automatically be selected.
    - Any 'Lords' not selected for the transfer will be permanently deleted.

    ● If you want to restore an account that is different from the default transfer process, please fill out this survey to select the account you wish to transfer through the URL below.

    - Go to the Account Transfer Request Survey Page

    Information on Server Integration Precautions

    ● Regarding Duplicate Lord Names:

    When merging servers, Lord Names will be forcibly changed to a format in which the server name is added to the front of the existing name ('K1 Lord's Name', 'K2 Lord's Name', 'K3 Lord's Name'). We plan to provide a 'Magical Quill' to allow name changes after the merge.

    Please check our forums for a future maintenance notice for more details regarding the server merge.

    Thank you.
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