Maintenance Server Maintenance: June 11, 2024 @ 18:00 PDT [COMPLETED @ 18:45 PDT]

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    Thank you for waiting! Servers are back up at 18:45 PDT. If you sent in a ticket about your incorrect mount, new ones were distributed during maintenance, so please check your inventory when you log in.


    Hello Heroes,

    There will be Server Maintenance on Tuesday, June 11th starting at 18:00 Server Time (6:00 PM PDT). We expect servers to be down for approximately 1 hour.

    Changes and Updates:
    • Routine Maintenance and Server Check
    • Update Heaven Jade Chest 26
      • Thank you all for bring this issue to our attention. Content on our Test Server and Live Server did not match, resulting in the incorrect mount being distributed. If you received the incorrect mount, please send in a support ticket with the time/date of when you received your mount. Please note that when your new mount is given, the Health stats will be rerolled and cannot be carried over.
    This post will be updated when Server Maintenance is completed with additional details of any changes to the game. Thank you for your patience during this downtime.
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