Maintenance Server Maintenance: July 9, 2024 @ 18:00 PDT [COMPLETED @ 20:15 PDT]

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    Hello Heroes,

    There will be Server Maintenance on Tuesday, July 9th starting at 18:00 Server Time (6:00 PM PDT). We expect servers to be down for approximately 2-4 hours.

    Changes and Updates:
    • Routine Maintenance and Server Check
    • Start Heaven Jade Chest 27 Sale
    • End Heaven Jade Chest 22 Sale
    • Start Summer Chill Event
      • Summer Chill Event Items (Beach towel, Parasol, Beach tube) were added to PvP and PvM loot tables
      • Ice Shaman Boss added to Yanggok Valley Map
    • End Blood and Sacrifice Event
      • Blood and Sacrifice Event Items (White Chrysanthemum, Funeral Gloves, Memorial Flag) will no longer appear on the PvP and PvM loot tables
      • Please use and combine all Event items before tomorrow's Server Maintenance. Any unused Event items will be removed during Maintenance
      • Blood Lord Boss will no longer appear in Yanggok Valley
    This post will be updated when Server Maintenance is completed with additional details of any changes to the game. Thank you for your patience during this downtime.
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