Server Maintenance: 5/11/21 | Patch 247 [COMPLETE]

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    We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at 6:00 PM (PDT) and expect the service to be unavailable for approximately 5 hours.

    • Routine server checks.
    • Hero Band and Master & Disciple list will be reset.
    • Infinite Dungeon ranking will be reset, and points will be distributed to the top 50.


    Patch Notes 247 for May 11, 2021

    The following release notes contain information about the update.

    Spring Event
    • Added Fire Spirit Bracelet of Life, Fire Spirit Necklace of Life, and Fire Spirit Earring of Life to the Create List of the Festival Merchant, Seo Hwarang.
    • Life Essence, Life Essence Flower Pot 1, and Life Essence Flower Pot 2 will be available in the Marketplace.

    Black vs. White War
    • The Overlord of North Sea and Hermit of South Sea health has been increased and will now have the abilities to cast Darkness and Stun.
    • True General Wei stats have been increased and will also spawn 6 deviants once health reaches below 50%.

    • A modification that disables PK attacks in the waiting area of the dungeon.
    • A modification that sets characters to invincible while entering dungeons so that the afterimage disappears if PKed during the entry process.
    • Added a display message prompt when buff's slot is full.
    • Fixed an issue where you can not retrieve a new bag (cash) from your Purchase Inventory if a bag (cash) is currently equipped.
    • Combat records reset.

    Bug Fixes
    • Modified the description of Bloody Heaven (1 Day) so that it fits in the item UI.
    • Fixed an issue with the environmental graphics of the Black Clan Entrance and the event stage in Hefei.
    • Fixed an issue where [Holist] Bood of Demonic Confusion of Advent [C12] and [Holist] Book of Demonic Confusion of Iron [C12] skill requirements are switched.
    • Fixed an issue where you can be in Safe Zone when you are outside of White Cloud Basin.
    • Fixed an issue using Groove Cutter on [Event] Crimson Blood Sorcerer will cause a negative level restriction on the weapon.
    • Removed Beijing from the World map.

    • Added Character Name Changer as a permanent item to the marketplace. Cautious: You cannot change your character name if your character is registered for any upcoming server battle in the game. You cannot change your character name within 10 seconds after the first log-in of the day. Lastly, you cannot change your character name if the newly created name already exists.
    • Role Change Pill will be available in the Marketplace for one month.

    We'll update this post when the maintenance is complete, and servers are available. Thank you for your patience during the maintenance.
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    Maintenance has concluded and servers will be available at 21:45 server time!

    Thank you for your patience!
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