screen goes black after logging in.

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    SO I've gotten e new laptop (with windows 10, not upgraded to 11 as i know gameguard doesnt like that)
    and after downloading and installing the game more times that i can count i finally got a clean install without missing files causing" wrong download file error".

    while this doesn´t happen every time i start the game, there are sometimes when a error message comes up saying there are errors with some gameguard files (see img below). i send the error report to gameguard, and then the game launches after I've input my password and logged in and chosen server but the game crashes, the computer locks up and i get kicked back to the windows log in screen after about 20 seconds.

    the crashing happens every time i try to run the game.
    I've tried running another version of RF and the 4game EU server version does work but that seems to run fireguard so I'm pretty sure the issue is with gameguard.

    things ive tried:
    re-install and download new client from redfox website more times than i can count
    tried every compability mode there is
    tried most graphics settings
    read the forum posts about missing and wrong downloaded files, and replaced them (still not working)

    anyone have an idea what i can do? or do i have to wait for gameguard to resolve it?


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