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    The Premium Lunar Box will be available in the Item Shop starting today. Make sure to grab one while you can as it’s only available for a very limited time!

    Premium Lunar Box

    The Premium Lunar Box is a random box that contains one of the following items. Only items in the list below can be acquired.
    • Ancient Platinum
    • Platinum Upgrade Stone
    • White Feather
    • Black Feather
    • Golden Feather
    • Herbal Medicine Box
    • Expansion Pill Box
    • Silver Bar
    • Bronze Bar
    • Absorption Pill (S)
    • Mount EXP Elixir
    • Sky Mirror Stone
    • Sky Sun Stone
    • Sky Moon Stone
    • Sky Real Stone
    • 1G Pet Box
    • Scroll of Loyalty
    • Diamond
    • Silver Jade Stone
    • Gold Jade Stone
    • Genuine Jade
    • Gold and Silver Stone
    • Holy Mount Stone
    • Mount Spirit
    • Earth Chest
    • Heaven Chest
    • Archangel Wings
    • Black Tiger (Elite) Mount
    Black Tiger.jpg

    Find the Premium Lunar Box in the "Accessory" tab section of the Item Shop!

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