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    Hello Kingdom Hunter Community,

    While we do our best to find and correct as many bugs as possible within our games, there will always be small imperfections that players may find a way to exploit. We hope that players will report these imperfections as they are found, so we can correct these issues. However, some players will inevitably take the opportunity to exploit these bugs to gain an advantage within the game.

    In our quest to be more transparent with you, please review the information below.

    Botting, Hacking, or Glitch Abuse
    We want to remind everyone that the use of 3rd party software or hardware, allowing you to automate gameplay or gain access to privileges which players do not normally have, will result in a ban. Additionally, the abuse of glitches in the game to gain benefits will also lead to a ban.

    Punishment for Botting and Glitch Abuse offenses are as Follows:
    1st Offense: Permanent

    Punishment for Hacking Offenses are as Follows:
    1st Offense: Permanent

    Real Money Transaction
    The purchase and sale of accounts for real-life currency are against our Terms of Service. Doing so will result in your account being blocked permanently.

    Punishment for this offense are as Follows:
    1st Offense: Permanent

    What is exploiting?
    An exploit is when a player goes around designed system mechanics in a manner not intended by the game's designers. For example, if someone is utilizing a bug in the game to take advantage of another player without that player having the means to defend themselves. This way of taking advantage of other players is in no way condoned and can be subject to punishment from the Support team.

    What do I do if I am a victim of an exploit?
    If you feel as though you have been a victim of an exploit, please contact Customer Support right away so that we can thoroughly investigate. When reporting any exploits, please be as detailed as possible with your explanation, including players, location, or any other pertinent information that would help us reproduce the issue. Remember, the more information you provide, the better our chance of reproducing and taking action in regards to the reported exploit. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to assist players with anything lost due to exploitation, and the faster you report these issues, the better chance we have to figure out what went wrong.

    In addition to reporting an exploit, please do not take it upon yourself to use that exploit yourself to try and regain what you may have lost. Doing this can result in action being taken against your account as well, and any restoration of your losses is impossible. Keep this in mind when locating exploits within the game.

    Additionally, it is also important that discussion stays within the discord/forum rules. In particular:
    • We do not allow naming and shaming. Accusations of misconduct directed at anyone, even if not explicitly named, are not acceptable. If you feel someone is cheating, any information needs to be sent to us privately.
    • We do not allow disciplinary actions to be discussed about members, whether named or not. General discussion of Kingdom Hunter policy is acceptable, but not a commentary on what may have happened with specific people. Staff will not discuss the moderation status of an account publicly or state whether an account has or has not been actioned. Allowing others to speculate on this can lead to a host of problems, and we are unable to clarify.
    • Flaming or bashing is not allowed. This goes for abusive and disruptive comments and behavior that are directed at RedFox Games employees and Kingdom Hunter community members, alike.
    • Demands or threats, specifically directed at the Kingdom Hunter team or suspected exploiters.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know! Thank you for your continued support of RedFox Games and for playing Kingdom Hunter.
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