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    I have seen alot of list lately, you can tell most of them are made by these top players on alt.Since I don’t belong in there and be watching them GW and sometimes play them , It is easy for me to see who has the bigger impacts.

    So here is my List :

    1.Ziggy: pretty sure theres no debate about it.The guy can do it all , Honestly if its 3v1 against that guy , see me next to the penguins LOL

    2. Taurus : Could really make a bad team beat a good team just by him being on that team , his impact is just that big.MR BEAT THE ODDS

    3.oRandom/Prodigy : Pat being the best support on the game and Adam being simply a flashy humble nerd , they have a massive impact on the team, people are not dying on pat watch and prodigy will do everything to cover ur kills. They are both VERY DEADLY when it comes to contributing to kills. People mostly think pat is better and i can understand why but i honestly think they both have different roles even if they are both using the same exo

    4.MARK: Now lets forget his high ego and be real with this . He is bringing a lot to the table and has a various use of exocores. Mark is also someone that could be down 6 games and simply don’t give up,I believe that when it comes to coming back on the team hes vsing , he has one of the highest chance of that being done.

    5.LONG : This guy is literally what u imagine of a asian gamer… A NERD! Now i feel like his role as a player is really big because at the end of the day he might not be the best player or have best mechanics but when IQ has to kick in his gw experience makes his whole team play smarter at a competitive level. He is a guild war mastermind

    6.LIAR : at 6th place we have Jay , the best batter on rumble fighter . If you guild war before you know how important a batter is , just know that with this guy on ur team , he is def throwing them bats with or without cover and BARELY ( when i say barely i mean BARELYYYYY) dies . Also really good at mob fights and his experience from previous gws makes him really reliable on a team.

    7.REACT : Now some people may not agree with me but this guy is solid! He barely plays the game like that but i feel like no matter he simply doesnt get worse with time. I’ve been carried by him few years back

    8.CLAY : Now i feel like this guy is just like Prodigy , their playstyles really look alike , really a stylish player that would put you on TMV but the constitency is not the same. I also think that his mood and playstyles varies on his teamates.

    9. DISCREET : He is someone that never gives up and always tries to win no matter what. His bats are one of the bests and is really good in mob fights.

    10.HASSAAN : I think this guy is a GREAT player but once again his constitency is not the best , prob the most clutch player that still guild wars , If its 3v4 go far … no point of stalking his bats u will end up getting baited into a death.

    Honorable mention:


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