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    A Hero’s strength is represented with three stats: POW, INT, and LEAD.

    As a Hero Levels up, their stats will increase, making them more useful to your Kingdom. Each Hero has different growth types, which determines which stats are focused on while leveling. While some Heroes will focus on one of the three main stat types (POW, INT, and LEAD), there are also Balanced type that will increase all stats evenly as they level up..

    Let's look at each individual stat of the Hero: POW, INT, and LEAD

    ● POW

    - POW determines Hero's base Attack Power.
    POW has a significant impact on victory and defeat in one-on-one duels between Heroes. Having at least one Hero with a high POW is crucial when entering battle with another Kingdom.

    ● INT
    - INT determines how effective a Hero is at Kingdom Development.
    Heroes with high INT will provide increased development rates when upgrading buildings and performing research. INT also determines the chance of success when persuading Prisoners.

    The key to developing a powerful Kingdom is utilizing Heroes with high INT.

    ● LEAD
    - The higher a Hero’s LEAD stat, the more Units they can command.
    Units are vital to increasing the Health and Attack of a Hero on the battlefield. Having more Units will also increase how many resources you gain when gathering on the World Map.

    ■ How to raise POW, INT, and LEAD stats

    ● Hero Level-up
    • Visit and Investigate Exp Shrine on the World Map
      • Exp Shrines allow you to Level up several Heroes at once at the cost of AP.
    • Grow your Hero in the Knight Hall
      • The Knight Hall allows you to Level up one Hero at the cost of sacrificing other Heroes
    • When recruiting a Hero you already have in your Army
      • Getting duplicate Hero Cards will give your Hero Exp and increase their Max Level

    ● Hero Skills Development
    • Develop Hero skills that increase their Stats
      • Every Hero has a basic Hero Skill that will increase their Stats. Skill Points are gained every 10 Hero Levels
    • Unlock and improve stats that are possessed by specific Heroes
      • Some Hero Skills will greatly increase one Stat as you add Skill Points

    ● Increase Stats
    • Visit Altar of Power (POW), Library (INT), and Knight's Tomb (LEAD) and acquire Stat Mastery points.

    • Use your Stat Mastery Points in the <Hero Stats UI> to increase your Hero’s Stats
    ● Equipment
    • Wearing equipment can increase a specific stat or give an additional skill to your Hero.
      Every Hero can wear one Weapon and one Armor. When they reach Level 100, an additional Armor slot will unlock, allowing you to wear two Armors.
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