Permanent Account Suspension for Abusing/Exploiting

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    Hello Lords.

    This is the Kingdom Hunter Team.

    Our team has found a security vulnerability that allows certain players to acquire in-game goods in an unusual way.

    During the recent maintenance while resolving issues related to the LORDCOIN Exchange process, we have also patched these security glitches, so that the in-game goods cannot be acquired in illicit ways.

    In addition, all accounts that acquired game goods in abnormal/illicit ways were thoroughly investigated and a total of 171 accounts were permanently suspended.

    The Kingdom Hunter Team is aware of the seriousness of these exploits and is conducting security checks to ensure that there will not be any similar incidents occurring in order to maintain the trust of our genuine Lords.

    Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our Lords.

    Thank you.
    Kingdom Hunter Team

    List of Permanently Suspended Users
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