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    so. can u explain me 1 litle thing i playing nuker and i has 285 dex which response for ck ar dodge etc of character .
    and i have 7525 ar
    and only 6302 ck ar
    and also 4012 dodge
    and ck 5002 dodge
    My ask is. Why i have ck atack rating lower than ar if i am Nuker champion on pvp should i hit enemies with punches xD?
    Comparing to warior with the same amount of dex he gonna have more sucess hit than me.
    Shouldnt we has the same amount ar and ck ar to balance game ?
    I also taking dex to take dodge against the warior so
    i has more ck dodge than normal -.- so my ask is isnt it reason of nerf nukers in that game ?
    i guess maybe nuker role changes dex for more ck dodge than normal dodge ofc but with ck ar and ar it isnt fair on duel nuker with equal lvl just cant win cos he not matter how he gonna has dmg

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    Jan 23, 2016
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    lol, I agree
  3. VietGermanGamer

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    Dec 31, 2015
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    Is that all you complain about?
    Let me start it all over:
    Nukers are lost in this version.
    Not only do we have poblems in putting in dex with this crappy stats but wisdom does only give 5 ck dmg .. LOL?
    The revised Essence as a multiplier is a BIG LIE and Redfox-Support doesn't have a clue.
    The nukes are pretty weak for a high lvl nuker while a middle lvl hybrid already "overflows" and complain all day - a nuker won't reach the cap even with banners, 9Dprem and nice stuff (GL6 Nuker - can't do a ****)
    I am going to quit this game, i give a damn f*** about my lost money, not worth it to talk about anymore.
    Going to upload the answers of the support you will acknowledge their wise answers ...

    GG REDFOX I am waiting for YELLOWFOX 2017 with 9Dragons New Beginning or 9Dragons The Returning Heroes? .. lol.
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    May 3, 2017
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    It is funny considering DEX gives
    Warriors +20 AR but +15 CKAR and
    Nukers +15 AR and +20CKAR

    So with same Dex and without gear the Nuker's CKAR and Warriors AR should be equal. Same with the STR for a warrior and the Wisdom for a Nuker. Obviously War gets Def and Nuker CK Def. Same with Ess and Con. except War have high hp and Nuker high VE. So on paper they should be able to be equal regardless of gear, relics and epis and buffs.

    If you look at the stat gain a Warrior should always surpass a Melee hybrid due to the bigger potential gain in the physical stats. A Nuker should always surpass any CK healer or Ck hybrid build due to the highest CK potential. So why would they struggle that much?

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