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    001.jpg well, just asking if we are having Easter Event? See'ing that this Anniversary Event is Extended till April 23rd and Easter is April 22nd. It Seems that This Game has gotten money hungry.... It use to be awesome just to log on and Chat with friends, make new friends, have SvS, BvW War Etc, Tsk Tsk Tsk... I love and honor this Game for the Game not for the P2P/P2W Game play etc. (Even tho there are people out there just love to make others Miserable and bull'ing people. sad to see people doing just that.) But, anyways, are we having an Easter Event? Maybe Giant Bunnies Hiding those eggs that once open you might get nice VE/HP pills, or other helpful Trinkets such as Golden Eggs turned in for nice relic's etc...... Well One can hope LOL! Thank You GM for showing up in Hefei the other day we loved the visit and would enjoy more In the Future. sorry I did not notice another thread that was issued back in beginning Feb of this year... please do not move mine thanks xDDD
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    we are probably having easter event in the form of 3x... lol.. unless Korea celebrates Easter..
    And game has always been money hungry..
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