[NOTICE] A Letter To RF Online

Discussion in 'Archive' started by [GM]Clover, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. GoDSpeLL

    GoDSpeLL Active Member

    Jan 22, 2016
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    I'm with you for harsher punishment, but this is the decision of RedFox to investigate. but if I can choose bright side or darkside, I'll prefer the brighter one.(as a good human being)
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  2. Spec1234

    Spec1234 New Member

    Feb 16, 2018
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    I dont know why people hate this update?
    I love this update, make me can up easily without get killed by lowbie killer. I find some player who love this update too, we help each other to complete the quest.

    If you want PvP then go CW not just afk at HQ

    Event 5x pt exp this week please GM, we need it
  3. xerverus

    xerverus New Member

    Mar 9, 2016
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    I also like this update because im new here, but i also like the previous old patch because im already used to play it by years.

    In my opinion, more safe map for newbie is not a bad thing. Remember when we at level 50 cap? We have a safe map, yes at HQ, which we level up until 30, then we could get in touch with a pvp feature on settlement/crag mine. So now the level cap is increase to 80, why not increase the safe map more? So the lowbie killers is no more.

    This 4.25 update lack of farming maps. In the old update, we still have ether to farming from level 40-50, and now ether is only accessible to level 60++. While the journey to level 60 is quite long one, and everything need money (ex: buy BD key, potions, int armor, int weapon, jetpack, process ore etc.)

    Nice one, may the force be with you.
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  4. Nhika

    Nhika New Member

    Apr 4, 2018
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    Not gonna lie, chip war is neat and all but I mainly play RF for the raiding

    It's like the last game where open world PvP was a thing.

    Chip war to me felt like a nice "win a reward" here and there but that's not really what kept me logging on lol
  5. HardAzz

    HardAzz Active Member

    Feb 24, 2016
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    Can anyone confirm if if atk and def was changed with this update? ACC strikers are so weak now.
  6. Erene

    Erene Active Member

    Feb 9, 2016
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    I see no difference at all. I still cannot kill a level 70 Striker 1-on-1 and vice-versa (with some exceptions). My top-end damage is 31k-37k depending on the situation, and I can deal damage between 3.5k-6k with T3 force spells on a level 70 striker wearing int/d armors. Having no charms at all is a huge loss, -25% attack.

    I was testing the T1-T3 force damage on a level 70 striker and I'm hitting him around 2k-4.7k on the last clip.

    The clips above are from the current RF 4.25 update. I hope this helps.
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