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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Balkan, Feb 20, 2016.

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    So I played RF for some time many years ago but never on the official servers for latency issues. Now I've been playing for a week in GC to check if the connection was a problem and it's great! So I'll be playing on RedFox for sure, but have some questions about the game and the server that maybe are clear for you but since English is not my main language, I can't quite get whats gonna happen.

    So about the RF on RedFox, are there gonna be 2 servers right?
    The first will be the new one that everyone is talking about what race/class are they gonna choose.
    And the second will be the merge of the 2 servers of GC.

    About the game, where is the armor/weapon loot for lvl 40 and below? buying from the npcs in hq is way to expensive for a new player.

    Also, what classes are viable for solo pvp (pking or whatever its called). I ask because It seems to me that for example, for acc warriors an assaulter will be great but the web of the punisher is just too good for solo pvp right? the same case for templar or zerk with speed and the -%mov. speed of the bellato. I fell like with anything else, the enemy just run away. The aggro skill of the tanks works on players? and semi tanks like assaulter or guardian can tank pbs? I wanna be useful in pve but my main focus has always been solo pvp, I'll do CW too of course like I did back in the day. Honestly the only thing that I know is that I don't want to be an spiritualist of any kind.

    I've been looking the Dementer skill Mind Explosion and in the description on the wiki it said "Effected enemy has max FP reduced & FP skills go up". But in other pages its calles Hyper RPM and it said "+30% Long range attack power", in other pages its called Dread mind and in others the skill is just not there WTF is up with that, where can I check things like that reliably.

    I'm using this to get my info:

    Do you guys have another?

    And one last thing, do ACCs have more stats or something in the end-game to balance the lack of buffs?

    Sorry for the long post, the **** formatting and the bad English.
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    Well you have too many queries I want to answer but I'll just go with this one
    There is an NPC quest which gives an Int Set Armor for levl 31 and 35. Just go search the web for accretian NPC quest because Dan hasn't yet put an accretian data for it. For the weapons, you shouldn't have any problem getting one since returnee weaps are good till 40 and you have the free level 45 and 50 weapon box.
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    lvl 35 armor is easy to get on cora and bell side. For acc its a bit longer but also kinda easy. You get lvl 35 weap from hunting Ace brutal on lvl 34 and on lvl 40 you can open weap box which gives you downleveled random rolled dmg of 45 weap so no problem here. If you wanna get some 39 armor anabola always worked for me.
    You are correct about servers. Only to add new start on 15th and titan + cerberous wont be merged as soon as redfox takes over RF but in few days.
    Solo pvp class are any mage - slow debuff,makes unable opponent, high dps etc ...
    dps wariors/bellatos riders. But since CG servers are too far ahed you wont be able to solo pvp much :/
    Nope tanks provoke does not work on players
    And acc do have buffs they have special class for it .. specialists with specific ammo for mini lauchers which can also heal. Hope I answered most of your questions
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    While you can find armor for level 30-39 by killing monsters, the drop rate for the armor is so low that it is not worth it at all to farm for them. The int 31 and 35 armors you get from the NPC quests will last until you can do your quests for 45 armor or 47 armor. (If you look at the google sheet you linked, the level quests for Cora are the same for the other races so you can see what level quests to do to get armor.

    Also there is a chance we do not get returnee weapons or 40/45 box on new server, so you will want to know how to get weapons. You get weapons from level quests up until level 40. Your level 40 quest is a multi part quest but gives a level 40 type c weapon for completing it so that's an important one. Killing calliana archers is really hard at level 40 solo so you will want a group for that.

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