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    Some new players may find difficult to get and find prestige which is used to capture prisoners. There are few ways how to get it.
    - Most simple way is for sure to declare war to 3 differend players in your surroundings. You will earn prestige points depending on lvl of the players kingdom (from 8-12 points). Dont forget to do this every day.
    - farming lvl 5 (Infantry, Archer, Mage) Academy give you approximate 15% chance to get 25 prestige points. You need to farm academies anyway, because this is the way how to upgrade your units..
    - Black Market (from time to time, you can find prestige scrolls in black market, dont forget to refresh it daily)
    - Alliance Shop (from time to time, you can find prestige scrolls in Alliance shop. When you buy all items on a page, new items will appear)
    - Farming Imperial Army: there is a chance to receive prestige scrolls when fighting Imperail Army. Higher the level, more scrolls you can get.
    - Clearing the fog: by clearing the fog, there is a chance to receive prestige scrolls. It costs nothing, just 2 cliks every few minutes.

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    Thank you, Bizonko, for sharing those tips on how to acquire prestige in Kingdom 1. These methods can certainly be helpful for players looking to obtain prestige points. By declaring war on different players in your surroundings, you can earn prestige points daily based on the level of their kingdoms. Farming level 5 Academies not only helps upgrade your units but also provides a chance to receive prestige points. Additionally, checking the Black Market and Alliance Shop regularly can lead to finding prestige scrolls. Engaging in battles with the Imperial Army and clearing the fog also offer opportunities to obtain prestige scrolls. These are all useful strategies for increasing your prestige in the game.

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