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    Always check events and notice taps (check attached screen shot) there are always new events that helps you to gain Premium hero cards, gems, and rare items to use to help you in ur growing plans

    Tavern also is very valuable so try to open the game every while to check if the recruiting chances loaded or not to have the highest average of recruiting heroes

    Also collecting gold from map will cover the recruiting payments in Tavern, it's so easy and good luck in your treats ^^

    Also it's important to collect food and iron as much as you can, and as long as you are not opening the game try to collect using all ur Marches and higher hero levels & lead

    Save the experience heroes to level up your main heroes and always investigate experience shrine, power alters, mage and all resources as long as you have AP points

    Always focus on researching and don't forget to upgrade the research center to unlock high researches which is very important.

    Don't worry guys this is not a Pay To Win game

    That's all for now, see you next event ^^

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