Mount Update: Black Leopard

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    New Black Leopard Mount Updat.png

    We are glad to announce there will be new additions on the Mount Update with the New Black Leopard Mounts. Make sure to log in and check out the new Mount Updates! Be the first to upgrade your 15% Mount to a Black Leopard Mount!

    Black Leopard Refine.jpg

    • Refine Combination: 15% Mount + Fahrenheit Jade + Mount Spirit + 100CP = Unk Black Leopard
    15% Mount List:
    • Red Tiger
    • Sundon
    • Shinrok
    • Grizzly Bear
    • Blue Crane
    • Bronze Bull
    • Bloody Wolf
    • Black Lion
    Black Leopard (Elite) Mount:
    Black Leopard.jpg

    • There will be 10 Types of Black Leopard (Elite) Mounts
    • Ukn Black Leopard (Elite) will generated a random Black Leopard (Elite) Mount
      • Black Leopard (Elite) Stats: Elemental Damage(Attribution Atk), Defense, HP
    • Stats will vary on each type of Black Leopard (Elite) Mounts and can only be viewed after registering the mount.
    • Refine Value: Elemental Damage, Defense and HP Values will vary randomly up to 11% - 20%
    • Make sure that you are willing to lose your 15% Mount before attempting to refine the mount to a Black Leopard (Elite) as it will be consumed.
    • Growth Rate and Mount Activity will not be used for new Black Leopard (Elite) Mounts.
    • 15% Mounts will NOT be recovered once consumed and refine to an Unk Black Leopard (Elite).
    Mount delete.jpg
    • Black Leopard (Elite) Mounts can only be registered one at time at any given time.
    • Black Leopard (Elite) can also be deleted via Mount Manage. Once Deleted it CANNOT be recovered.
    • Please make sure that you want to delete the Black Leopard before proceeding as it cannot be recovered or replaced. (Same goes for the Red/Blue Nine Tailed Fox Mounts and Earth/Water Qilin Mounts)
    Holy Mount Stone System
    • Holy Mount Stone is an item that can add additional stats to your Red/Blue Nine Tailed Fox, Earth/Water Qilin Mounts and now the New Black Leopard (Elite) Mount.
    Black Leopard Holy.jpg
    • The Holy Mounts Stone upon use will have up to 60 Different Random Stats.
    upload_2020-2-4_12-51-3 (1).png

    • As the additional stats are generated randomly there is a chance that your mount will receive the same addition stats or with different values (Higher or Lower or Same) so make sure that you are willing to lose the current/previous stat upon using the Holy Mount Stone.
    • To use the Holy Mount Stone you will have to equip/ride your mount > Go to your inventory> Right click on the Holy Mount Stone Item to apply the additional stats randomly.

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