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    Bug: Map window for navigation system sometimes shows quests in white maps when the player is in a black clan and black maps when the player is in a white clan.
    Server: Yin
    Character: Cinnabunz (and possibly SansTilting and Nerevar but I'm not sure. This did happen to me with more than one character, I just don't exactly remember which ones)

    When clicking on a quest to open the Navigation system map, some quests that should show black-side maps for black-side characters instead show white-side maps. The reverse is also true (black-side maps showing with white-side characters). This is happening to me in the quests: Path to Success, Buddha's Perseverance, Capacity for Experience, Salutations!, Regarding Your Heroic Accomplishments, Without Health Life is Not Life. My character Cinnabunz is in Sacred Flower but when I open the Navigation system maps for the quests listed above, the game shows me Zhengzhou and Jinan. In addition, the quest "Without Health Life is Not Life!" shows up TWICE in my questlist. Clicking on the first one shows me a map of Jinan, whereas the second one shows ma Datong... This bug also happened to me with other characters but I don't remember which ones exactly, it's been months since then... (I have pictures for Cinnabunz but the forum is not letting me attach pictures :( )

    How to Recreate the Bug:
    1) Level up enough in order to automatically initiate the quests listed in Summary
    2) Press Q to open the Quests page
    3) Click on the RTE tab
    4) Click on the quests listed above and see that the navigation maps are maps not appropriate for the player's faction.

    EDIT: Can't attach pictures again.
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