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    Buy 2 Packages, Get 1 Free! Get a free Box Package after purchasing two of the Box Packages currently in the store. Only the packages listed below will count towards this Flash Sale, so get them while you can!

    Event Rules:
    • There is a limit of five free packages for each of the packages listed below. Example: If you purchase 10 Capricornus Packages and 10 Gemini Packages, you will receive 5 free Capricornus Packages and 5 free Gemini Packages.
    • You must purchase two of the same named packages in order to receive a free package. If you purchase one Capricornus Package and one Gemini Package, you will not qualify for a free package.
    • If a package(s) is gifted to another player, the bonus package will be received by the gift sender and not the recipient.
    Qualifying Packages:
    • Seal of Zodiac - Capricornus Package (Limit: 5 free)
    • Seal of Zodiac - Gemini Package (Limit: 5 free)
    • Seal of Zodiac - Cancer Package (Limit: 5 free)
    Been itching for that brand new Avalon Driver? For this Memorial Day Weekend, we are also offering a sale on the following Premium Gemstone Generator Packages!
    • Purchase 1 Premium Gemstone Generator (10-Pack) - Receive 3 Premium Gemstone Generators (Limit: 3)
    • Purchase 1 Premium Gemstone Generator (30-Pack) - Receive 1 Premium Gemstone Generator (10-Pack) (Limit: 3)
    B2G1 Event Duration:
    • May 26th, 2023 00:00 PDT - May 29th, 2023 23:59 PDT
    Prize Distribution:
    • Prizes will be distributed approximately 5-7 business days after the event concludes.
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