Marketplace Item: Seastorm Dragon (30 Days) Deviant Package

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    From now until 6:00 PM, until Oct 1, you'll be able to purchase the Seastorm Dragon (30 Days) Deviant Suppression Support Package! Read on for the full details of this special, limited-time sale!

    Sale Items:
    Seastorm Dragon (30 Days) Deviant Suppression Support Package

    Seastorm Dragon (30 Days) Deviant Suppression Support Package (1 per account per)
    Contains ALL of the following items:
    • Seastorm Dragon Weapon Box for Deviant Suppression Support (Cannot Trade, Sell, Store, and Discard)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Sword+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Saber+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Staff+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Gloves+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Dagger+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Axe+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Wheels+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Spear+18 (30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Spade+18(30Days)
      • Seastorm White Dragon Bracers+18 (30Days)
    • Deviant Suppression Support Mighty/Sincere Heaven Armor Box (M), (F) (Cannot Trade, Sell, Store, and Discard)
      • Mighty Heaven White Dragon Hat (M)/(F)(30Days)
      • Mighty Heaven White Dragon Garment (M)/(F)(30Days)
      • Mighty Heaven White Dragon Pants (M)/(F)(30Days)
      • Mighty Heaven White Dragon Wristbands (M)/(F)(30Days)
      • Mighty Heaven White Dragon Boots (M)/(F)(30Days)
      • Sincere Heaven White Dragon Hat (M)/(F)(30Days)
      • Sincere Heaven White Dragon Garment (M)(30Days)
      • Sincere Heaven White Dragon Pants (M)/(F)(30Days)
      • Sincere Heaven White Dragon Wristbands (M)(30Days)
      • Sincere Heaven White Dragon Boots (M)/(F)(30Days)
    • Deviant Suppression Support Accessory Box (Cannot Trade, Sell, Store, and Discard)Princess
      • Whitebead's Hairpin (30Days)
      • Black Dragon Prince Jade Bracelet (30Days)
      • Iwami Clan Princess Mask(30Days)
      • Yinyang Head Charm(30Days)
      • Ring of Eternal Nine-Tail Fox [10] (30Days)
      • Face-shaped Demonized Orb [10] (30Days)
      • Beads of Double Smasher [10] (30Days)
      • Top-hat of Black Witch Goku [10] (30Days)
    • Mirror of Ancient Dragon

    Look for these in the "Event/Sale" Section of the in-game RedFox Games Marketplace!
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