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    Dear Lords,

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the several unexpected server maintenances due to our work to stabilize the servers and improve the World Map environment. As compensation, you will receive a small gift from us to help you make up for the lost time!

    Coupon Reward Information
    In-game rewards are as follows:


    How to Use the Kingdom Hunter Coupon
    Coupons can be used through the Kingdom Hunter Coupon Claim Page once you’ve created a RedFox Games account. To claim the gift, Enter your Lord's Name, Select your Server Name, and input the coupon code: khopen1115.

    In-game Coupon Claim Page (For Android users only)
    • Apple users do not have an in-game coupon claim function. Please claim the coupon through our Coupon Claim Page.
    • Coupons can only be used once per account.
    • Coupons in the same group can only be used once per account, even if the coupon number is different.
    • After entering the coupon properly, you can check for your rewards in the in-game mailbox.
    • Expired Coupons cannot be used.
    Thank you, and may the light guide you in your battles.

    Kingdom Hunter Team
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