Lunar New Year Login Event

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    Lunar New Year Login main.png

    It’s time to Log in throughout the Lunar New Year and get some free gifts! Simply login all 15 consecutive days to receive all 15 Lunar New Year rewards!

    Event Duration: February 1, 2022 – February 15, 2022


    A Login Event Icon will pop up on your screen. Simply click the Login Event Icon to receive the reward. Login a total of 15 Days consecutively to be able receive ALL 15 Rewards.
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    Lunar New Year Login Event Rewards List:
    upload_2022 Login.png
    • Make sure that you check the Day/Date on when the Login rewards items will be available.
    • Each account is eligible to receive 1 “Login Day reward” of that day regardless of the amount of character in that account.
    • You must receive current day reward to receive the next day reward.
    Example 1:

    -Player Login Day 1 – Clicked “Cancel”
    -Player Skip or Failed to Login Day 2
    -Player Log in Day 3 will receive Day 1 Rewards – Clicked “Ok”

    Example 2:

    -Player Login Day 1 will receive Day 1 Reward – Clicked “Ok”
    -Player Skip or Failed to Login Day 2
    -Player Log in Day 3 will receive Day 2 Rewards – Clicked “Ok"


    • If you fail to login once or several times you will not receive all 15 rewards.
    • Make sure to collect all the rewards from Day 1 - Day 15 to be able to receive all 15 rewards.
    • Make sure that you have room on your bag to receive the reward.
    • We will not transfer any reward items to another character, so make sure that you login to the character that you want to receive the reward.
    • No rewards will be awarded regardless of what day the player was unable to login once the event ends at Day 15
    • Event Details Are Subject To Change.

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