Lets Bring This Game Back To Life GMs!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ABabyOnaDragon, Jan 12, 2023.

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    Jan 11, 2023
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    Ayo, I'm starting to initiate some activity but we need some help from the DEVs or GMs.
    You guys can keep this game alive if you want to, and it will bring you tons of money if you do so.
    There are so many lovers of this game and you're letting it go to waste! Events, New Drops, Boss Spawns in Yang? Anything!
    A little bit of attention would go a long way for most of the veteran players, and some alterations to the upper end of this game being blocked by $ or spending years of your life grinding away.
    We can do better, and there is a community who wants to help so lets do something about it.
    I'd even be willing to invest in purchasing the server if you are unable/unwilling to do so.
    Lets come to a solution, and be good to all the people who've invested their precious time into this. @Ryu

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