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    Lord Information
    The Lord Info button is located at the top left corner of the screen. You can view your Lord's information and your Kingdom's production status in this menu.


    Action Points (AP)
    Lords use AP (Action Points) when they perform actions on the World Map. This includes investigating Neutral Bases and joining Raids/Dungeons. By default, 1 AP will be restored every 5 minutes. However, it can be recovered instantly when a consumable item is used.

    Lord Fame
    A Lord's Fame can be increased by using the Medal of Glory item. A high Fame level will provide various battle and production benefits. Medal of Glory can be obtained by defeating Imperial Army Forces on the World Map, Clearing Fogs, or through the SHOP.

    Resources are divided into two categories: Safe and Unsafe. Safe Resources will not be plundered when an enemy attacks. Safe Resources can be obtained from using certain consumable items and from quest/event rewards. Unsafe Resources are the materials produced by your Kingdom and/or collected on the World Map. These resources can be plundered if your Kingdom is invaded. Unsafe Resources will be consumed before Safe Resources when upgrading your Kingdom.
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    Ranking Status
    The Ranking Status shows the three major Lord ranking systems from highest to lowest rank.

    Lord Combat Power
    The first lord ranking shows the Lord Combat Power of all the Lords in game ranked. You can also view the specific value amount of Lord Combat Power of all the Lords in game including your own Combat Power.

    Number of Kills
    The second ranking system shows the lord rankings base of Number of Kills each Lords have accumulated through out the game. It will also keep track of the amount of kills you have in game

    Kingdom Upgrade
    The third ranking system is the Kingdom Upgrade which shows all of the Lord’s Kingdom Palace level. You can also view your own ranking and compare it to any of the Lords in game.
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    The Settings Menu is where you can change various game settings from Gameplay to Language Settings.

    Game Setup consist of several essential game settings:
    Playback Speed: 30FPS to 60FPS
    BGM (Background Music): 0 to 100
    Sound Effects: 0 to 100
    Push Alert: On - Off Alert Notifications. You can also choose which alerts you would like to receive from your “Kingdom Under Attack” to “Research Complete” which can all be individually turned on and off

    Language Settings is where you can change your preferred language which currently includes:
    English, Korean, Español, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and German.

    Account Info is where you can view all your important account information:
    Lord Name - Your Lord’s Name
    Server Info - The Server Name
    Member No. - Assigned member number of your account
    Account Link - Login Via Google or Facebook
    Ver. Info - Game version number information
    Privacy Statement - Link to our Privacy Statement for Kingdom Hunter
    Terms of Service - Link to our Terms of Service for Kingdom Hunter
    Enter Coupon Number - Link to Kingdom Hunter Coupon registration page
    Community - Link to the Kingdom Hunter Official Website
    Customer Support Center - Link to our Support Center where players can send in their Support Tickets and other inquiries

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