it´s time for an eu server like at og planet

Discussion in 'Etc' started by drfool21, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    i come from germany i played this game from the beginning of the eu beta than on the (de) german server and after the serverfusion agin at the eu server i played active for over 7 years after the end of ogplanet i lost my acc i had all event items everything in the shop and had to start agin at gamescampus i was poor but tryed to get the lightning scroll perm from one of this stupid scrollboxes after wasting my last 50 $ i had no perm scroll no perm exo and played with carat only for a while it was painfull to farm without stats to pvp without good scroll and to be seen as a noob i got new hope when i saw that the game switched to redfox games and was exited to see all the scrolls perm in the shop but as i played my first round i realized that it wasn´t able to play for me it lagged so hard that it wasn´t eaven worth to try a newstart i talked with many old european players and all of them sayed that they search for a alternative to this game or private server wich are avaeble without laggs but noone of us found something so please open a german server for this game there would be many many players wich would love to see that
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    There is barely enough players for a separate channel, and you want them to make a separate server?


    Also that was the longest run-on sentence I ever tried to read.
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    Not enough players, many left.

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