Information Regarding Server Patch (Bot/Macro Blocking Measures)

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    The Kingdom Hunter Team has permanently banned thousands of bot and macro account in the past 12 hours. Through several monitoring programs, we are blocking activities that are interfering with normal Lords' gameplay.

    In addition, we will be applying the following steps during the next server patch to limit future bot and macro activities.
    • Upgraded Captcha activation logic
    • For a limited time, 'Rune Tree' and 'Fairy Spring' Neutral Bases will be unavailable for searches.
    • Adjusted the amount of Action Points recovered from 'Fairy Spring' so it cannot exceed the maximum Action Point limit.
    The Kingdom Hunter Team will do our best to ensure that Lords can enjoy smooth and fair gameplay. We apologize for the inconveniences that this patch will temporarily cause and ask for your understanding.

    Thank you.
    Kingdom Hunter Team
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